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Your journey of thousand miles begins with our Premium Quality Bunker


Bunker fuel powers up the gigantic ships and marines to keep running the ships across the global networks of waterways.In the era of 21st century trade of oil product are very much in the business and bunkering industry is shining star of world’s economy.


Considering the demand and prosperous growth in Bunker trading Industry, PRIMA MARINE started its operations in 2003 as a global Bunker Traders. We deal in oil trading and Lubricant supply services. We have a diverse client portfolio belonging to different regions of the world. We work on enhanced technology to ensure best processes and have best logistics as well as storage services.


“Perfection, Principles and Professionalism, are the prime concerns at PRIMA MARINE”

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  • Broking & Trading

    We Provide Services of International Bunker Trading, Cargo Trading & Lubricants Trading and Supplying.

  • Physical Supply

    Our Company is the market leader in physical supply of marine bunkers in PAKISTAN.

How Prima Marine Started ?


Prima Marine has its origin from Faisal Marine Oil Services Private Limited (FMOSPL), as its parent company.Faisal Marine Oil Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1966 as a pioneer bunker supplier of Pakistan.


After the extensive experience of 37 years in bunker supplying, on two of the largest sea ports in the world; Port of Karachi and Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, FMOSPL decided to go global with the name of Prima Marine in 2003.


The new company started as a Free Zone Establishment (F.Z.E)in U.A.E. and later on expanded in its LLC and DMCC subsidiaries. Prima Marine now operates through its regional offices in Dubai, Karachi and London.


Prima Marine in the Global Markets Today!


Today, Prima Marine is an established name in Bunker Trading Company around the globe. The company has its special focus of business operations in Middle Eastern, African and European regions.


The company has its subsidiaries running as Prima Marine LLC, Prima Marine DMCC, Prima Marine FZE and Prima Marine Pvt. Ltd. Prima Marine LLC is the physical supply wing of Bunkers and Lubes at all UAE Ports. Prima Marine DMCC is the trading arm of all our companies and is back to back trading in AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST and EUROPE. Prima Marine FZE is a commodity trader in the UAE market and Prima Marine Pvt Ltd is the POL supplier in Pakistan.


At Prima Marine, growth of long term relationships between supplier and purchaser has always been a main concern. We are a dedicated group of professionals with prosperous industry experience and expertise of handling diversified requirements of the Bunker Industry.High quality of our POL products and incomparable services allow us to maintain a winning frame over competition in Marine Bunker markets.


Professional values at PRIMA MARINE, that make us grow!


We believe that without having strong value base, no company can achieve its goals. PRIMA MARINE has carefully developed a set of value and strictly follows them to develop highly productive work environment.


  • Processes – Our primary concern is always our client. We have enhanced organizational and technological process
    to always meet the expectations of our client.
  • Products – We believe in delivering the high quality products to our clients from supreme suppliers.
  • Prices – We quote the best price range by considering clients requirements. Our price is our competitiveness in the market.
  • Policies – AT PRIMA MARINE, our clients are the ones, who lead us to craft our company policies, just as they want.
  • Personnel– Human capital management is highly effective at PRIMA MARINE. We treat them with best services and
    harbor encouragement plans.
  • Plans – We believe in systematic approach and planning everything out before its actual implementation. The company
    has great focus on the innovations of working techniques.
  • Promotions – We ensure effective use of marketing and promotional activities to target desired segment of services
    and supplies for PRIMA MARINE.
  • Priorities – PRIMA MARINE always analyzes itself and highlights its shortcoming to improve them. This helps us to
    make best possible procedures for our customers.
  • Potential – PRIMA MARINE never goes for less and always stays in continuous journey of improvement.
  • Positioning – PRIMA MARINE prioritizes their client need.We provide what our clients demand.

Strategic Traits of PRIMA that make us the leading Bunker Trader!


PRIMA MARINE is a proven name of great trust and quality in traders and supplier community of Marine Gas Oil. The strength of our successful business operations and trading activities lies in the competent implementation of our 5 organizational principles.




Believe in Strong Business Networking

PRIMA MARINE is best at practicing the art of expanding business network with key players in market, clients and advisors. The expansion of network provides support, direction to PRIMA MARINE as well as opens new opportunities. It gives us a momentum to continuous growth.

Trade by being Client Centric

PRIMA MARINE is highly focused on client’s need. Being client centric is our strength and it increases our customer’s loyalty base. PRIMA MARINE holds focus on business and client’s satisfaction side by side. So, we do not lack anywhere.

Challenge the World through Powered Integrity

We are very honest with our partners and clients and believe in being open about our self. We spend our time in addressing our weak areas rather than in hiding those from partners. PRIMA MARINE follows the vision of transforming the weaknesses into strengths.

Rule the World by Being Adaptive

Businesses never stay into a single stagnant phase,they have to face different situations and consistent challenges. PRIMA MARINE has designed their strategies in a way that they can adapt the company’s operations according to the changing situations. Flexibility at PRIMA MARINE, allows to respond in the best way without putting business at risk.

Believe in Taking Proactive Steps towards Opportunities

No one in today’s business world can survive without proper utilizing opportunities that come in their way. PRIMA MARINE clearly understands the internal and external market challenges and knows well to take opportunities. Being opportunist, energize and empowers our business.

Hold the Best Way to Enhance Productivity

PRIMA MARINE never compromises over the best. We alwaysstrive to formulate finest ways for productivity. For this PRIMA MARINE, focuses on searching enhanced technology, automation, sourcing and improved business procedures for our people.


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