PRIMA MARINE holds an esteemed repute for its superlative services in the industry of oil trading. PRIMA MARINE provides quality oil by refining it through series of market research, quality assurance and supply chain procedures. The combination of our highly valuable human resources and technical assets, gives you exceptional services and products in the industry of bunkering worldwide.

Our Services

PRIMA MARINE, the name that you can always trust

PRIMA MARINE is a reputed name in Global Marine Fuel Oil and Gas Oil broking and trading industry.With our official setups, based in the leading commercial markets of UAE, Pakistan (Karachi) and London. Prima Marine trades in wide range of products to fulfill our customers’ requirements, both on-shore & off-shore.

International Broking and Trading Services

With our well-known presence in Bunker world, PRIMA MARINE offers Bunkers broking and trading services all across the globe. We work with a strong believe in professional accountability and being customer focused. We are always open for offering personal and most reliable broking forecasts to our clients and provide latest information about trade markets to them. Our Traders, with experience of years, generate best business opportunities for its clientele, while considering all the crucial market conditions, including;

  • Updates on Ever-changing Bunker Prices
  • Current Market Trends & Analysis
  • Price & Commodity Availability
  • Calling Costs
  • Port Strategic Conditions

Lubricants Trading and Supplying

PRIMA MARINE DMCC is a trading arm for our group of companies. The subsidiary is trading back to back in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Where, PRIMA MARINE FZE is dealing with commodity trading in UAE.
We have expanded our business domain recently and entered into the cargo supply business. Cargo parcel are accessible on FOB (Free on Board) and CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) basis, as per the requirement of customer at Port Karachi and Port Bin Qasim, Pakistan.
The company believes in long lasting relations with both customers and local suppliers, offering them market competitive prices, unmatched services and always the best quality of products!

PRIMA MARINE LLC, the physical supply arm of PRIMA MARINE. We provide oil at your doorstep by keeping your financial and specific requirements at our forefront.The company has been supplying Bunker oil on all United Arab Emirates ports.


FAISAL MARINE OIL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (FMOSPL) – the parent company of PRIMA MARINE- is the regional largest market leader in physical supply of marine bunkers at Pakistan’s Karachi port and Muhammad Bin Qasim sea port.


FMOSPL supplies Fuel Oil and Gas Oil through its fleet of 4 barges, Al Azizoo, Fillgo IV, Fillgo V and Fillgo VI with a total capacity of approximately 3000 metric tons. The pumping rate of our barges is 500 metric tons per hour.


Available Variants of Marine Gas Oil:

Considering ISO 8217-2005standards, PRIMA MARINE accommodates varying marine-fuel requirements of the following grades.

    • IFO 380 CST (RMG-380) (Depends on Availability)
      IFO ((Intermediate Fuel Oil) 380 CST (RMG-380)- Produced from heavy and medium oil fractions combination, obtained from primary and secondary crude oil processing.
    • IFO 180 CST (RME 180)
      IFO ((Intermediate Fuel Oil) 180 CST (RME 180) – Made directly in the distillation process of crude oil.
    • MGO (DMA)
      MGO (Marine Gas Oil) – Pure distillate type fuel, without additives or remainder and during the cleansing it was boiled into a gas, and then condensed into liquid.
    • MDO (DMB)
      MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) – Commercial denomination for pure diesel oil.

Ship Agency Services


PRIMA MARINE offers ship-agency services in Pakistan for ‘bunkers-only calls’. This is an important ‘add-on’ to the bunker supply operations in making the company a ‘one-stop’ option for deliveries at ports and anchorages. Services include arranging crew changes, provisions, spare parts, under-water surveys, etc. On client’s demand, all these services would be available to follow the ships’ operations 24 hours a day and acts promptly, as required, to save money and time for customers.


Domestic Supply



Prima Marine Oil and Lubricants Private Limitedis among the largest Domestics Suppliers of POL products in Pakistan. We have a great history of supplying POL products to a long list of companies/industries/power plants in the country formore than 40 years now.


We provide our products to the agricultural, industrial, constructional, national defense sectors and Independent Power Producers (IPPs). PRIMA MARINE is the official dealer of Pakistan State Oil, Total Parco, Shell Pakistan, Bakri International Trading Ltd. and Byco Petroleum Ltd.


We have a wide product range for the following POLs.


  • HSFO (High Sulfur Fuel Oil)
  • LSFO (Low-Sulfur Fuel Oil)
  • HSD (High Speed Diesel)
  • LSHSD (Low Sulphur Heavy Stock)
  • LDO(Light Diesel Oil)
  • Lubricants and Grease


As a client focused corporation, the company has been successful in constructing a widespread clientele, through their key strength of consistent quality POL products and timely delivery.


PRIMA MARINE supplies heating and lube oil nationwide, at highly competitive prices. We have a range of different size tankers with responsive delivery drivers to make certain that your order is handled with as little difficulty to you as possible.



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